About Us

Jobs Victoria Work and Learning Centres help jobseekers, especially those living in public housing, to find local training, work experience and jobs.

Brotherhood of St. Laurence holds the rights for Work and Learning Centres, and since 2012 has partnered with reputable community organisations to run five Work and Learning Centres across Victoria.

What does the Work and Learning Centre do?

Work and Learning Centres provide personalised support and services for each jobseeker.

Training and support services:

  • Introduction to local services, such as training groups, English classes and volunteering opportunities
  • foundation skill courses to improve work readiness
  • work opportunities through local employer networks
  • support services to address other barriers to employment such as health and mental health services, drug and alcohol support and child care.
  • Advisors will advocate on behalf of their participant to other agencies, such as Centrelink, Jobactive’s and the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS)
  • Continue to support the individual after they have gained employment or completed training
  • Advice on resume preparation
  • Workshops on Australian workplace culture
  • Interview techniques and personal presentation
  • Advice on how to meet the needs of local industries

The centres also take referrals from local services, health professionals and department staff.

For Employers

If you run a business that has job opportunities and want to learn more about how to hire through us, contact us using the details below.

Find Out More

To find out more about the program, please contact us at the Work and Learning Centre to discuss if this program is right for you. Contact details are below.