Pre Accredited Training

Pre-accredited programs are short modular courses which focus on creating pathways for learns to further education and training or employment.  

Pre-accredited programs are especially beneficial to:

  • Women seeking to re-enter the workforce after significant time away, women who have experienced or are experiencing family violence 
  • Early school leavers, both mature and youth 
  • Low skilled and vulnerable workers 
  • Indigenous people 
  • Unemployed and underemployed people 
  • People from culturally or linguistically diverse backgrounds 
  • Disengaged young people 
  • People with a disability


Bridging into Individual Support, Health and Community Services

Basic operational knowledge of range of practical skills as listed; solve limited range of problems using literacy and numeracy; teamwork, communication. Possible learner’s pathways: to accredited course at GEST Certificate III in Individual Support (Aged Care). The course will be an introduction and lead to GEST`s accredited courses. GEST accredited courses will include a work placement including 120 hours of work experience. GEST courses have a success rate of up to 80% students obtaining some form of employment with their placement age care agency.

Internet, Email, Touch Screen for beginners, Digital Literacy

Basic computer technology skills to communicate using the internet, understanding how to use digital devices to locate and find content and services and current touch screen devices for communication and searching information using technology e.g. blogging, instant messaging, podcasts, social networks, e-mail etc., for a range of purposes. Students to overcome their fear of new technology, gain confidence and learn to feel more comfortable in a learning environment. Possible learner’s pathways: Students can choose to explore further accredited training in fields which are related to computer technology such as Digital Media and Technology CERT.  III or Diploma Level at courses.

Introduction to Hospitality

Overview and hands on experience in the hospitality industry, identify career pathways and training. covering a range of employment opportunities, including tourism, cookery and service, with a view to further study and engagement.

At the completion of the course the students will;

  • Have an understanding of the range of sectors existing within the hospitality industry and how to identify opportunities.
  • Manage priorities and learn Time Management strategies.
  • Have a knowledge of how to access information and keep up to date with current legislation and trends.
  • Understand the broader, legal and ethical requirements relating to the hospitality industry.
  • Be confident with the application of technology in hospitality and crossover sectors.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with colleagues, customers and others.
  • Identify opportunities for employment within the hospitality and tourism industries.
  • More readily identify employability skills required for the industry.
  • Identify career pathways and training. Possible learner pathways: GEST’s other Pre-Accredited Training courses or accredited course at GEST such as Certificate II in Hospitality. or other accredited courses in participants chosen field of interest with other local providers.

Bridging to Beauty

Learning Outcomes: Beauty Therapists provide a wide range of face and body treatments. They have high level of public contact, so need to be well-presented with good communication skills. Their work requires a thorough understanding of the human body and its key systems, including skin biology, anatomy and physiology, nutrition and cosmetic chemistry.
This course is targeted to the learner wanting to gain an understanding of the Beauty Industry and maybe want to go on to pursue a career in Beauty. This taster course will be a pathway into any of the accredited course below:
Certificate II in Retail Make up and Skin Care – This qualification is suitable for an Australian Apprenticeship pathway.
Certificate III in Beauty Services – Work is typically conducted in beauty, waxing, brow and nail salons. 
Certificate IV in Beauty Therapy– Work is typically conducted in beauty salons and spas/
Diploma of Beauty Therapy– Work is typically conducted in beauty salons and spas.
Learners will gain experience in beauty techniques and products to give them confidence to apply for work or apprenticeships in the Beauty Industry.

Connect Learn and Employ

Learners will be given relevant skills to be able to search for their own employment through the connection created by GEST with local employers. Learners will gain knowledge about specific industry fields, providing a range of employability skills to lead directly to employment.

Grass Roots Learning – English Language

It is expected that students will improve their literacy skills such as; spelling, sentence structure, paragraph forming, reading and writing strategies be able to write a short journal or personal story. Students will be able to speak more confidently in front of a small group. Participate in local excursions comfortably. Students will have improved WORD processing skills and a good working knowledge of Microsoft Office software. 

Introduction to Woodwork

The students will learn how to follow OH&S procedures including conducting pre start and final checks, safe rubbish disposal, PPE and reporting safety issues.  They will then plan a basic woodwork project and use basic tools to produce the product before painting, staining or waxing it. The project will include sketching, making notes and measuring to calculate the materials needed.  Research will be undertaken via the internet for project design ideas and the progress and finished product will be photographed using a digital camera and learning how to store the images. Possible learner Pathways:  Certificate III in the following fields: Painting, Cabinet Making or Carpentry or obtain Apprenticeship/Traineeship.

Employability & Work Readiness

Students participating on this course will develop an action plan with long and short term employment/career goals and strategies for achieving goals, they will be able to identify and use effective study and assignment writing strategies, they will gain a better understanding of their selected industry and complete a resume targeted to their chosen industry. Students completing this course will have the skills to successfully complete an accredited training in their industry of choice and to successfully seek work placement for that course or find employment in their industry of choice providing they have successfully gained the required qualifications. Possible learner pathways: GEST’s other Pre-Accredited Training courses or any accredited courses in participants chosen field of interest.