Zest Training Café

Zest Cafe is a training cafe for participants looking for training and work in the hospitality and retail industries. Participants undertake accredited short courses in Basic Food Handling and Barista training. Other pre-accredited training is also offered as well as the on-the-job training from work experience in the Cafe.

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RRR Emporium – Recycle, Renew and Retail

The RRR Emporium repairs and restores donated furniture which is then available for sale to the public. The RRR Emporium aims to avoid waste going to landfill and offer good quality second-hand furniture for those on a tight budget.

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GEST Nursery

The GEST Nursery operates as a community gardening space and is maintained with the assistance of employment program participants. The nursery is also used as a teaching space for gardening and landscaping courses.

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