RRR Emporium

The RRR Emporium repairs and restores donated furniture which is then available for sale to the public. The RRR Emporium aims to avoid waste going to landfill and offers good quality second hand furniture for those on a tight budget.

Participants at RRR gain skills in furniture restoration, such as sanding, painting and staining, as well as having an opportunity to connect with others.

Furniture is currently available for sale from the RRR Emporium at 39 Holmes Road Morwell.

Mud Kitchen

Mud Kitchen without pump tap – $200

Mud Kitchen with pump tap – $220

Sensory Table – $90

Extra $30 – $50 for item to be cleared or painted

Custom made kitchen available upon request please contact Rachell

More on the RRR Emporium

About 10 tonnes have been diverted from landfill over the four years RRR has been running.

The RRR Emporium is open Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday from 9am to 3pm. Please ring 5127 4544 with any queries, or use the enquiry form below.

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