Find Me A Job

Job Club is a group of people coming together to support each other to stay motivated, and use a combination of job search strategies to make the process of finding a job more manageable.

Job Club participant

The most common traits among successful job seekers are perseverance and a willingness to pursue opportunities. Finding a job is largely a matter of adopting the right outlook, which can make searching for a job that much easier.

Adopting the right mindset can be difficult and it is important that we don’t be discouraged. Remember, even in a bad economy there will be jobs available but they won’t always be easy to find.

Together, as Job Club members, we will develop the systematic processes using a variety of methods that work together to make your job search more effective.

At the end of the two week course, Job Club participants are:

  • identifying the jobs that are not advertised
  • matching and marketing their skills to employers
  • making professional applications every time
  • performing well at interview

For enquiries or pre enrolment interviews, please call Rhonda from GEST on 5127 4544